It is that wonderful time of year when blueberries are in full production. The fruit is exquisite. The blueberries are about two weeks behind this year and I venture to guess it was the absence of a sunny and warm spring. Remember, this summer came in full force after the 4th of July!

I pick blueberries from the bushes at my neighbor’s home two houses away. I like to make blueberry muffins and blueberry cake with cream cheese frosting. My husband is an expert at making blueberry margaritas and he feeds my yellow labs blueberry pancakes. My dear neighbor planted the blueberry bushes many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of his labor. He said that he lived until 93 because he ate blueberries every day. It is amazing that he continues to exist in our lives with his blueberries after he has been gone for two years. I miss him.

I mention my neighbor and blueberries because it once again defines what it means to LIVE and to be a part of a community with so much to appreciate. There is much to nourish the soul, the brain, the body and community in Kittery.

Like blueberries, the real estate market is doing well. Sales continue to reflect increasing prices and will remain that way as inventory remains relatively low. The median sale price in Kittery for 2019 through July 31st was $430,500 compared to last year at the same time period of $365,000. Additionally, the number of homes on the market as of July 31, 2019 was 113 as compared to the same period in 2018 which was 97. If inventory continues to climb, then we may see buyers pulling back from some of the heady offers we see in a low inventory market. Median days on the market YTD through July were 19 days compared to 15 days in 2018 year-to-date. Finally, months of inventory, a good indicator of the strength of the market was 3.83 months on 7/31/2019 versus 3.82 through July 2018 – that’s a good number and speaks to a healthy market.

We All Like to Nest

There are many things in life I am grateful for including all of you.  Additionally, I have the privilege to work out of my home office in Kittery Point and observe the wonders of nature.

My home office is on the second floor of my house and I look out upon a large pond – some of you that have been around longer than me say that it used to be a cranberry bog.  One time, I am told, there was a moose stuck in the pond. This spring, it is wetter than usual. I have been watching as a nest was built by a couple of mallards. One day I watched as the ducks fought off some other ducks to protect their nest – first it was a couple of other mallard ducks, then along came two geese and before you know it there were eight unwelcome geese.

Wanting to protect my initial interests, I attempted to scare the geese away. It didn’t work.  Eventually, they did fly away. A hawk also swooped about the nest while the male duck stood on top flailing its wings. That evening, I heard calling from my neighbor who also works out of his home and has shared in my duck nest experience.  Lo and behold on top of the duck nest was a bald eagle with wings spread full. It was a most amazing sight. Fortunately, the show ended quickly, and I have not seen the eagle or hawk since. I am grateful the mallard ducks continue to protect their home and I hope that the eggs are incubating in their nest.

Like our community, we look out for one another. In my profession, I advise people about what is very often their most important investment – their home. I invite you to contact me throughout the year for a free analysis on the value of your home whether you are looking to sell, thinking of buying or just have a need to know.

Likewise, if you want to know more about what is going on in the real estate market, please feel free to email or call me. I will send you information specific to your home and the immediate area.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. In the meantime, enjoy this year’s Tide Chart, the warmer weather, and all our community offers in the coming summer season.

Until nest time